You did it! You have started you own business! The tables are set, computers up and running. With exhilaration you open the doors, walk back to your office and let your employe/es take over while you run the business. But, what about those employe/es?

Your company only works as well as the people who are working for it. Even though you are the boss make sure your employees feel they are valued.

Paying them on time and keeping regular hours scheduled for them is a great start
.  Let them know when and where they are going to be ahead of time to keep the office running smoothMake sure they receive breaks to recharge and relax for a moment, over worked employees don’t work as hard as rested ones.

Make a routine for the office or shop and stick to it. Have meeting scheduled at regular times so employees know they need to be there and won’t schedule something else in that time slot.

Write up an office procedures manual. This will make it easier for everyone to know what exactly their job in the office is. (hint: Grace Business Consulting can help you write this.)

Make sure they are developing skills and get proper training. An employee that knows what he is doing is a confident and productive one. Keep an eye out on the internet for training course that you can invest in to further their education in your mode of business.

Communication is key to a smoothly running business. Your employees can not read your mind. Make sure they know what you want of them. Listening to them when they have a problem can also save you lot of time also. There is no worse feeling for an employee than they tell you they have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, two weeks before hand and then you getting upset when they go to it. This makes for bad boss-employee relationship. Pay attention to them and they will pay attention to you.

Your employees are the backbone of your business. Treat them well and they will do the same for your business. Expecting to much can cause high turn over hiring rates and take up the valuable time needed to run your business.